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KSMRM got talent !!
Writer 대한자기공명의과학회 Date 2013-12-10

KSMRM got talent!!!


KSMRM invites you to show off your talent!! 

Send videos of you singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, or doing anything extraordinary to You-tube.
Ten prize-winners will be selected through a strict and impartial judging process, and the top three teams will perform in the banquet of the 2nd ICMRI & 19th KSMRM on the evening of March 28, 2014.

Method of application:

1) Upload your video to You Tube (

2) Download and fill up the attached application foam and send it to


Deadline for application : March 7, 2014

Prize money :

      1st winner (1 team)     : $2,000 (2 million won)

      2nd winners (2 teams) : $1,000 (1 million won)

      3rd winners (7 teams) : $500 (Half million won)


Qualification to apply :

    Not only KSMRM members but also anyone in KSMRM-related equipment or pharmaceutical companies


Contact : 


Don’t miss this chance to boast your extraordinary talents as well as win a prize!

Thank you!


File1 2014 ICMRI&KSMRM_Application for KSMRM got talent.doc (Down 802)

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